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Ipswich Maritime Trust

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IMT 2017 Autumn talks

Wednesday 4th October at 7.30pm

‘Whisstock’s Woodbridge Boatyard’

by Sue Cox and Mary East


Sue Cox, Claude Whisstock’s daughter, and Mary East, Claude’s secretary for many years, will be talking about the boatyard, its history and stories.

Wednesday 1st November at 7.30pm

‘The Upper Orwell Crossings’ by Suzanne Buck (Suffolk County Council)

A £100m scheme to transform the Wet Dock area but with some consequences.  Suzanne Buck is the SCC project Manager and will be giving an insight to the largest infrastructure project in Ipswich.

Wednesday 6th December at 7.30pm

‘Waves, Wheels and Sparks: Sailing into the Electrical Age’ - Jeremy Batch

The follow-on talk to the story of Navigation’ which Jeremy gave to the IMT in December 2014. Always a lively and entertaining speaker.

We can no longer find our way to the shops – let alone cross an ocean – without daring to rely on a power source that has come a long way since it was demonstrated to Napoleon but still lets us down at just the wrong moment.

This is the story of radio and radar, Decca and Loran, Transit and GPS and the many other electrical, electromechanical and electronic devices that we have invented and discarded, or become totally and perilously dependent upon, for communication and navigation.

Including: how a children's toy known to the ancient Egyptians has steered ships, missiles, submarines and spacecraft, enabled us to drive cars on the Moon without satnav or compass (but with a little extra help from the Vikings) and is miniaturised inside your phone and beneath the wings of a fruit-fly.

All are welcome to our lectures at the Waterfront Building, University of Suffolk. Free car parking is available in the UoS car park opposite the Waterfront Building. The cost for attending a talk is £3.50 for members and £4.50 for guests.

IMT Thames Barge all-day sailing trips and 4hr music trips

Due to the popularity of these events we have organised three all-day cruising trips, and three 4hr music trips on sb Victor for 2017. The music trips will feature one with the ‘Gipping Valley Stompers’ traditional jazz group, one with the sea-shanty group ‘High Water Mark’, and the third with the jazz group ‘La Fontaine Trio’.

Dates of the trips are:

Dates of the trips are:

May 18th Thursday 14.00 - 18.00

‘Gipping Valley Stompers’ jazz group

June 15th Thursday 09.00 - 17.00

All day sailing trip

July 13th Thursday 09.00 – 17.00

All day sailing trip

July 20th Thursday 14.00 - 18.00

‘High Water Mark’ shanty group

August 17th Thursday 09.00 - 17.00

All day sailing trip

September 7th Thursday 14.00 - 18.00

 ‘La Fontaine Trio’ jazz group

Booking form on ‘Form’ page or contact Bob Pawsey on 01473 252893 for more information and bookings.