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The Ipswich Maritime Trust is a registered charity whose object is:

“To educate the people of Suffolk in all matters maritime”, and less formally, to fulfil a deeply felt ambition to assist in the rescue of the Wet Dock from its gradual decline from commercial prominence, seen above in the early 1960s - an objective now largely achieved!

Ipswich Maritime Trust was formed in 1982 from the Maritime Ipswich Committee, which organised a year long series of events as part of the Maritime England Initiative. These included a summer exhibition in the ‘Home’ warehouse (now Ashton KCJ office). IMT then prepared a visionary plan for the then run-down Wet Dock. It would be extravagant to claim that the trust brought about the current development activity, but it was instrumental in galvanising local opinion, and, through its many initiatives, keeping its vision in the forefront of local consciousness until commercial opportunities came to be grasped.

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