Our Plans for the Future

Ipswich has a unique and extraordinary maritime heritage. If we preserve it, celebrate it, and make the most of it in the right way, we can deliver wide benefits to our community. These include economic gains, youth opportunities, cultural experiences, and social inclusion. That is the mission of the Ipswich Maritime Trust (IMT). We want to reinvigorate Ipswich’s connection with its maritime roots, to enrich our community, economically, culturally and socially.

Ipswich Maritime Trust has already been in business for 40 years; now we need to be recruiting the enthusiasts who will be active in another 40 years. Although IMT has achieved much during its life, now is the time to redouble our efforts. The prospectus we have developed over the 12 months sets out our ambitions and proposed activities for future years. It is a re-launch of Ipswich Maritime Trust, and a blueprint for the future of maritime heritage in Ipswich.

We aim to preserve Ipswich’s maritime heritage, to serve the wider needs of the community. We care about the future as much as the past. Our work concerns not only tangible things – boats, buildings, artefacts and archives – but also intangibles – cultural capital, events, awareness, education, chances for young people to grow, and so on. By developing these, we can help create opportunities for the future. Please read our prospectus below or download a copy and let us know your thoughts, feedback, comments and help us make some of these ambitions a reality.

Download either a Low Resolution or High Resolution copy of our prospectus below, and read more on our ambitions. Why not get involved and volunteer to help make our vision for Maritime Ipswich a reality too.