Digitisation of Historic Maritime Videos

Earlier in the year we were contacted by EachMoment a media preservation company based in Norwich. This gave us an opportunity as part of our ongoing digitisation project, to sort out some 8mm films we have in the collection. Which we understand to be of the Pin Mill Barge matches from the 1970s. We also have several VHS tapes which from their titles include the 1991 Pin Mill Barge match. EachMoment kindly digitised these for us. We have now uploaded some of these videos on Vimeo for everyone to see.

Pin Mill Barge Match – 1970s

We are now looking through further media in our collection that we may have digitised. Such a large number of 35mm slides and various sizes of black and white photographic prints.

EachMoment are also helpful for digitising those old home movies from videos, film and DVD onto digital format to allow them to be played forever. We would like to thank them for supporting us and Maritime Ipswich through the quality of the digitisation and their fantastic professional service.

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