Maritime Ipswich’s Past, Present and Future needs your support because…

Together we can maintain our maritime heritage.

With an extraordinary maritime history and heritage Ipswich has a range of important stories that need protecting and promoting. Through our research, exhibitions and Window Museum we can share these stories and conduct conservation on a growing collection of important local maritime artefacts. With your help we can do more to preserve these items, and their amazing stories as part of our unique maritime heritage. 

Together we can support local maritime causes.

Ipswich is the UK’s oldest port town whose maritime influence is as big today as it has been in the past. We help several local maritime causes. Which include the sponsoring of books on the maritime history of the town, supporting local groups such as the Ipswich Sea Scouts, and working with partners to safeguard many maritime issues and causes. With your support we can continue to do this.

Together we can encourage sailing amongst the young and keep traditional skills alive on the waters of Suffolk and beyond.

One key aspect that the Ipswich Maritime Trust has championed for many years is supporting, sponsoring and encouraging local maritime charities that assist with getting young people out on the water to learn key skills in sailing and seamanship.

For example, over the last few years we have supported East Anglian Sailing Trust with installing audible devices to assist blind sailors with course steering as well as supporting the development and creation of the Sea Change Sailing Trust’s new barge Blue Mermaid. This will help them provide opportunities for young people and vulnerable adults to develop skills on traditional sailing vessels.

With your support we can continue to provide charities such as these with worthwhile donations and sponsorship.

Membership Benefits:

  • Member Entry Rate to our lectures and talks
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  • Member’s Newsletter twice a year
  • Help protect and promote Ipswich’s extraordinary maritime history
  • Support local maritime causes.
  • Encouraging sailing amongst the young and keep traditional skills alive on the waters of Suffolk and beyond.

Membership of Ipswich Maritime Trust costs £5 per year for an individual or £7.50 for a joint adult membership.

Members receive regular newsletters keeping them up to date with what’s going on at the Ipswich Maritime Trust.

The Ipswich Maritime Trust is not a charity focussed on only telling the stories of the past. We focus on the needs of Maritime Ipswich today and in the future. We ask you to help us care for them, by joining us because you too care about Maritime Ipswich. The Ipswich Maritime Trust is entirely volunteer run and dependent on your support to continue our work and we look forward to welcoming you.

If you would like to join the IMT please complete an application form and email to or send to the address given on the form.