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We have various projects in hand and your expertise and enthusiasm would be of tremendous help. We are always looking for new blood to join the “IMT team”.

If you would like to be involved in any way - or to find to out more - please give Des Pawson, a ring on 01473 690090.

As may be seen on the Window Museum page, the first of our planned five Museum windows is now open, and we are currently planning the next exhibition. We have a small team of enthusiastic members working on the display.  Why not come and have a look at progress when you’re next walking along Albion Wharf – better still, come and help us!

We have a 20' shipping container as a store for maritime artefacts. ABP have kindly provided a location for it adjacent to Haven Marina and members have already lined, insulated and begun filling it. Already we have been given many artefacts including several items donated by Mrs. Whitmore from the family’s chandlery/sail-making business on the Dock. More please! There is undoubtedly a wealth of other items tucked away in garages, lofts and corners which need preserving, annotating and storing - hence the container!  Do you have, or know the whereabouts of, any maritime artefacts?

Please tell us if you do,  we need all the help you can offer!