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Since its creation in the early 1840s the Wet Dock in Ipswich attracted pioneers experimenting with the newly invented science and art of photography. Most of the earliest photographs to survive are of scenes in London and Paris. So, it is remarkable that photographs taken in and around the then new Wet Dock in Ipswich during the 1840s are among the rarest images ever taken with many that still survive.

Over the last ten years our Image Archivist and Trustee, Stuart Grimwade, has devoted much of his time to the digital restoration of these early photos of the Dock which have now kindly been donated to the Ipswich Maritime Trust. We now have a comprehensive Image Archive including whole collections such as that of Leonard Woolf, who spent a lifetime collecting picture postcards of the Port of Ipswich and the River Orwell in Victorian and Edwardian times. Currently we have and have digitised 2000 images with many more to be digitised and catalogued.

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We are very keen on adding any information which people may have regarding the images so please email us at: with your comments and suggestions. As we would like to increase the historical value of these images by adding information whilst there are people who can still remember the events, ships and anything else depicted, or have been told about them.

If you have photographs or images which might be of interest to us, or if you are interested in a particular time or place around the dock from around 1850 onwards and wish to enquire about the availability of these images for educational or similar purposes supported by us, then please get in contact via: