Maritime Memoir Project Launched

Over the last 100 years alone the landscape of Maritime Ipswich has changed dramatically. From the extension of the Port of Ipswich, to the opening and closer of the Ipswich power station, building of the Orwell Bridge, 1982 Maritime Ipswich celebrations, to the modern Waterfront. As such there are thousands of fantastic stories and memories to be told of life and work in this incredible port town.

The Maritime Memoir Project aims to save and secure the multitude of stories of Maritime Ipswich now more than ever in a variety of formats. As part of this project, we would like you to contribute to the collections of the Ipswich Maritime Trust by sharing your stories and memories of Maritime Ipswich with us.

Over the next year, we are also looking at developing anthologies of these stories too, to keep these stories alive. Please feel free to share and tell your friends, family and relatives with connections to Maritime Ipswich about this project. Read on to find out how to get involved or visit the Maritime Memoir Project page.

What to contribute:

We’d welcome anything that you’re happy to have recorded and stored for posterity, so please share any memories that you like in relation to Maritime Ipswich. That said, we’d be particularly interested in what it was like living near and working on the Ipswich Docks in the 1950s to 1980s. We’d also love to know more about the people who owned vessels and businesses and who worked at the variety of maritime businesses in Ipswich and along the River Orwell. Please include tales that have been passed down to you by parents, grandparents, etc. as well as your own ‘first-hand’ memories. We are also looking at collecting images and voice recordings as well as written memoirs as part of this project, so please let us know if you are interested in this way of donating your stories and memories to the project.

How to contribute:

You can send your memories to us via email at just put Maritime Memories in the subject line. Alternatively, you can write to us with your memories, please send them to us at 501 Wherstead Road, Ipswich, IP2 8LL.

What happens next:

All stories will be individually reviewed and curated by a small team of Ipswich Maritime Trust volunteers. Each memoir will be then catalogued in our Archive within curated thematic Anthologies including notes about the content. This process will take some time and will depend on the volunteer hours available and the number of contributions we receive, please let us know if you are also interested in joining our project volunteer team as well.

Once this is complete our team will start selecting stories for use in future exhibitions in our Window Museum, make them available digitally, as well as to support further research into the history of Maritime Ipswich. We hope that some of you will find this project interesting and will want to take part. We look forward to listening to your maritime memoirs and thank you in advance for helping us support Maritime Ipswich and keep these stories alive for everyone.

Join in on social media too with the #MyMaritimeMemoir hashtag.

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