Maritime Memoir Project Update – #1

In late September we launched our Maritime Memoir Project to gather and preserve stories from Maritime Ipswich’s past. This is the first in a series of regular updates on the project as we get new stories sent in for our volunteers to curate and archive.

We have received a few stories so far. But are looking for lots more. If you wanted to have your stories of Maritime Ipswich recorded, then please send them in to us.

John from Oulton sent in his story to us about visiting 3 Cranes Wharf in the 1970s.

“I worked for Hewitt’s Timber Merchants, 1971-1977, one day which was June 10th I was on a training course at William Browns at “3 Cranes” driving a forklift which was facing straight forward not across. I started to learn the new way of carrying the goods. It started to get dark then hail and snow started to fall on June 10th!! The dock was like a skating ring, so we moved inside for the rest of the course.”

John Mason
A Forklift on Orwell Quay similar to those used by John c.1970 – Dock Railway Collection – IMT Image Archive

Several of our Trustees have also shared some of their memoirs, such as Bob and Mark. But many are currently writing them down to share with us, but we know there are more out there and if they are not shared then they will unfortunately at some point be lost forever. So please get involved and send them in, including voice recordings or photos. Together we can preserve the stories of Maritime Ipswich.

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