#LeisureontheOrwell 14


Although the Orwell has been a commercial river serving the port of Ipswich for over 1,000 years, the attraction of the estuary as an internationally admired Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has made it an increasingly popular river for leisure boating and sailing. Since Victorian times enthusiasts have formed clubs at various places along the river to enjoy a variety of activities out on the water from rowing to yachting. This display shows some of their histories and memorabilia, with their locations shown on the map of the river.


Leisure on the Orwell features and focuses on the Yacht and Sailing Clubs along the River Orwell.


The Name Board from the Sailing Barge Quest, formerly known as the Sailing Barge Florence built by J.H. Cann of Harwich in 1877. During the Second World War she was used by the Ipswich Sea Scouts as their headquarters in Ostrich Creek. In 1947 Pin Mill Sailing Club purchased her from the Sea Scouts to providing them with their first clubhouse.